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Digital Media Books, CDs, Video (DVDs) and Audio Packages:

What is a Digital Media Package?:


Imagine no longer having to print books, produce CDs or DVDs to generate income for your public speaking, training organization or ministry needs. Imagine having the ability to maximize your exposure and add products at minimal cost but obtain maximum exposure. What if you could take your vision and produce products quickly that are attractive and can have an impact? Imagine being able to avoid expensive shipping cost. You can! Unlock Publishing House, Inc. can take your workbook, book, CD or DVD and produce a card that is the size of a credit card with all of your material on it. Yes, you can upload your products on a card, sell the card at a package price and your customer can download your products onto their iPad, Laptop or Tablet.

Digital Media Packages


How does this Maximize your profits?


Think about this....... You have a book, workbook, CD and a Video (DVD or Video file). The retail price if produced separately for all of these products is $60.00. You can produce these products at a fraction of the price and sell your Digital Media card for $40.00 and you only invested $3.00. You have just profited $37.00 on your product! Now how's that sound?


Benefits of Digital Media Packages?


- Maximized Profit

- Convenience for you and your client

- Quality Product

- Timely Delivery (Quick Turn Around)

- Unlimited Product Placement (Submit one or more items on your card for download)

- Multiple Product Cards (Develop your brand with multiple packages and have the ability       to sell multiple cards.

- Free Advertisement (Place your personal picture, Slogan or Company Logo on the card)

Digital Media Cards

give you Maximum Exposure!

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Digital Media CDs , DVDs & Video

Excellent Personal Exposure!

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